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Would you like to get 2-3 purchase leads each day... For FREE?

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If you are open to a unique opportunity to building relationships with realtors in your market, then our program is a perfect fit for you.

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Never pay for leads again!

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Build your home buyer's pipeline NOW while the refinance market is booming.

It won't last forever. We all know rates go up much easier than they go down!

With interest rates being volatile and forever going up and down, we understand the problem loan originators face throughout their career. 

Things are good now, but what about when the rates go back up?
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It takes time and money to try to figure out how to generate new purchase leads. How may times did you buy leads only to get burnt?

You may have tried everything under the sun from direct mail, digital ads, email, telemarketing, lead gen, social media (you get the point), and still haven't been happy with the results. How many hours did you put into trying to figure out what works? How many times did you plain out just get burned?

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Work free leads now to build your pipeline of closings for months down the road.

When things eventually get back to "normal" and the rates aren't at an all time low, where is your business going to come from? If you don't start building that pipeline, you may be scrambling later to get deals in.

MG Digital Direct can help connect the dots.

Let someone else purchase your leads for you and begin to build

referral relationships with realtors in your market.

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We generate hundreds of purchase leads each day on social media and have ONE buyer in place that gets almost all of them.

One of the fastest growing Mortgage companies in the nation is willing to buy our leads and give them away for FREE to their originators and branch managers.

Get paid commission on every Friday!

Unlike most mortgage companies, our buyer pays their originators out their commissions EVERY week. Why shouldn't you get paid every week, you worked for it?

Turn time 24-72 Hours!
  • Over 100 Down Payment Assistant Programs
  • Licensed In All 50 States
  • Free Leads To Build Up Pipeline

With a fully staffed underwriting department (even during Covid-19), they have one of the fastest turn times in the industry. Just one of many reasons loan originators and branch managers are switching over to them.

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Never pay for leads again!

Thanks for submitting!

If all this isn't enough to contact us, watch this brief video from our buyer to learn more.

Contact us today and secure your market of local purchase leads! They are limited so first come first serve gets the cream of the crop!

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