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CODE Targeting


As of March 2018, our CODE (Covert Overlay-ed Data Enhancement) Targeting is the first of its kind and no other company has the ability to offer this new technology.

What is CODE Targeting?

Our software now has the ability to confirm a consumer's place of business location based on technology that tells us how often they enter into a certain building we have administered CODE-ing to. With nearly 50 Million business locations in the U.S. and over 280 Million consumers, our CODE technology is by far more superior to any other direct advertising. Here's how it works.

Step 1- Who is your customer?  Are they a Homeowner or Renter? How about their Age, is that important? Does it matter what their Political views are? Is location Important or is nationwide what you are looking for? We have so many selects to choose from. Once you have established who your customer is, we can narrow them down into employment segments or place of business.

Step 2- What type of employment? Firefighters? Police Officer? Teacher? Banking? We will do a live target to see where their place of employment is. We do this by counting the number of times they have entered into a specific destination we have targeted for a particular amount of time. For instance, if John Doe frequented the local supermarket at least 15 days for the past month and omit those that visit the post office, UPS, and DHL buildings, there's a 99% chance he is employed there. Now that you have all this information on John Doe what do you do with it?

Step 3- Target marketing at its finest. You can now create a special offer for anyone working at their place of business. For instance,


USPS Letter/Postcard: Dear John Doe, we are offering all employees at ABC Supermarket special rates....

Email: Dear John, all ABC Supermarket employees get 20% off...

Digital: ABC Supermarket Employees receive 20% off until Friday...


Step 4- Sit back and watch your new and improved advertising as you can do a 3 tiered marketing campaign. Direct Mail has been a thing of the past, that is until now. Email marketing is extremely difficult to do on it's own but when coupled with something tangible (direct mail piece) and digital ( ad following them on the web and social media) it can be a great tool for driving more business to your website or landing page.



It's not cheap, but then nothing is cheap that works... call us today so we can talk about your options.


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